Five Girls Rescued in Yangon

Posted by Kay
Jul '16

Dear Friends,

Just outside of Myanmar’s capital city, five young girls studying in 9th class were approached by a woman who promised them jobs worth $500 USD per month… all they needed to do was come for an interview. Instead of going home after school, the girls boarded a bus to meet the woman who had made them this promise, but the girls soon learned that the woman did not have good intentions.

In the meantime, the parents joined together and notified the police of the girls’ disappearance. Within hours, the police located the girls and returned them home safely.

Our coordinator who had recently conducted an awareness campaign in their neighborhood received a phone call from the grateful parents: “How great is the result of doing human awareness education to our community”, they happily declared.

These daughters were returned home safely within 72 hours. Abuse and exploitation were averted due to the quick action by the parents and authorities. We call that success!

Thank you for being a part of prevention,

Your Global Family Team

Thank You Leadership Bakersfield

Posted by Kay
Jul '16
We are pleased to give you a sneak peek into our creative learning and multimedia center at our local Daughter Project shelter. Final construction is due to be completed in just 2 weeks, but Team 1 of the Leadership Bakersfield Class of 2016 stepped up early to renovate and furnish this room for underage victims of trafficking and abuse. This cheery space is equipped with over 400 books, educational technology, arts and craft supplies and much more.

We are SO grateful for their thoughtful planning and hard work to put this room together… the girls will love it!

Thank you for being a part of the Daughter Project.

Summer Fun

Posted by Kay
Jun '16

Kern County Daughter Project summer program is busy! Our girls are getting their hands dirty in the garden and enjoying other summertime activities, we have a lunch program Tuesday through Friday, and shelter construction is wrapping up.

Please contact our office at 661-213-3380 and to schedule a visit and learn more about getting involved.

Thank you for being a part of the Daughter Project!

Joy Needs a Sponsor!

Posted by Kay
Jun '16
Today was a special day as my daughter and I spent the afternoon with 8 very special girls in Kathmandu, Nepal. Their beautiful smiles, warm hugs, and contagious laughter make it difficult to comprehend the abusive and exploitive situations from which they have been rescued.

One of the younger girls, Jyoti, was abandoned by her mother when she was just 3 years old and forced to work for a family that abused her at age 5. Happily, she was rescued and is now part of a loving family home. She is 7 years old and attending school for the first time. She loves singing, dancing, and painting! You can sponsor Jyoti or one of her sisters for $36/month. 100% of your sponsorship will provide for her needs. We will introduce you to your ‘daughter’ and update you regularly.

You can sign up online to ‘adopt’ Jyoti at and or contact us at 661-213-3380 and

Thank you for being a part of the Daughter Project,

Jennifer and Charity Jensen

‘Adopt’ a Girl in Kathmandu Today

Posted by Kay
May '16

We are excited to have launched a new family care home in Kathmandu, Nepal. This home provides shelter, food, clothing, medical care and educational fees for 8 daughters who have been rescued from trafficking and exploitation. The girls, having lost family support, are now part of a new family with siblings, caregivers and god-parents from the local community, they attend school, and participate in all kinds of activities that young girls enjoy.

We all want to give our children everything they deserve… today, you can ‘adopt’ one of these daughters and provide for her directly:

It costs $144 per month to provide a loving home for each of these girls…everything from hair bows to a roof over her head.

You can donate $12/month for 1 year or give $144 one-time! Please check this out on our project page and learn how you can hear directly from your ‘adopted’ daughter.

Thank you for being a part of the Daughter Project!

Girl’s Clubs in El Salvador

Posted by Kay
May '16

In February, we told you that the Daughter Project had launched in El Salvador. We are excited to report that clubs have formed, and young Salvadorian girls from at risk areas are coming together to learn about inner beauty and ways to protect themselves in a country plagued by economic and social insecurities, high rates of girl pregnancy and gang violence.

From day 1, local women were ready to build communities of support around young girls, and they are doing just that. Daughter Project training materials have been translated into Spanish, and a second round of training completed just last week. Wow!

We can accomplish much by equipping volunteers with the tools they need to protect young girls in the country of El Salvador.

Thank you for being a part of the Daughter Project!

Girls can do that too!

Posted by Kay
May '16

In a recent girls’ club meeting in California, the girls were asked to list jobs that most people think only boys can do. Then they talked about how girls can do those jobs too and that they can do anything they want to if they set goals for themselves… being a girl shouldn’t hold us back from our dreams!

Valuable lessons like this one represent the heart of the Daughter Project.

Respecting Girls

Posted by Kay
May '16
James is a 12 year old boy from Bhaktapur, Nepal. He attends one of our boys’ empowerment clubs. Yes, we now have clubs for boys!

“James is good in studies but he never intended to take his responsibilities at home… he thought only females does household work. He did not obey mother and sister too. Most of the times he was in television at home. When he attended the ‘Girls equal boys’ meeting his attitude were changed. He learnt to respect girls and share responsibilities. In one of the club meeting he reported that now he is helping sister and mother at household work. His mother also reported that James is changed at home.” Global Family team member

“I love helping sister to fetch water from well and cut vegetables in the kitchen,”  says James.

Boys are a BIG part of the Daughter Project. It costs $337 for a club kit… teaching and activity supplies for a whole year. Give between $10 and $337 and empower boys to respect girls

Thank you for being a part of Global Family and the Daughter Project.

Purchase a Sewing Machine for a Woman in Nepal!

Posted by Kay
Apr '16
This is a tangible opportunity for you to give hope to a woman in Nepal. Our Karuna restoration program offers restoration and skills training to women coming out of exploitation, and you can be a part. By donating $150, you can gift a sewing machine to one of our ladies upon graduation and give her the means to support her family through positive employment.

As a thank you for your donation, you will receive a thank you note and picture directly from one of the graduates.

Please check out the project on our new site,

Thank you for being a part of Global Family & the Daughter Project!

Report Card

Posted by Kay
Apr '16
Not all report cards are share-worthy, but this one is! Our efforts would be worthwhile to help just 1 child or 1 family, but how exciting to protectcare for, and restore so many.

You and our Global Team make this possible. Please continue to give…                                               and!

We look forward to reporting upon our progress again next year.

Thank you for being a part of Global Family & the Daughter Project.